(WF-10K)便攜式無線水牙線 Cordless Select

便攜式無線水牙線 Cordless Select

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旅行潔齒之選!4 小時 USB 充電、輕巧便攜和防水設計,使 Cordless Select 水牙線機型號非常適合小家居、外出旅行和淋浴時使用。配備 4 個噴嘴、2 種水壓設置、360 度可旋轉噴嘴和全球通用電壓。 快速有效去除高達 99.9% 的牙菌斑。相較於傳統牙線,改善牙齦健康效果提高了 50%。

Waterpik® 是國際排名第一的水牙線品牌,經美國牙醫協會 (ADA) 臨床驗證和認可,可從有需要清潔區域去除高達 99.9% 的牙菌斑,大大提高改善牙齦健康的效果。

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Instruction Manual


• 有效去除牙菌斑:高頻脈衝水流,深入牙縫,去除高達 99.9% 的牙菌斑 

• 擁有更健康的牙齦:臨床證明相較於傳統牙線,改善牙齦健康效果提高了 50% 

• 植牙人士首選:改善植牙周圍牙齦健康,效果相較於傳統牙線提高了 2 倍 

• 箍牙必備:臨床證明使用矯牙噴嘴,清除矯正器周圍牙菌斑效果相較於傳統牙線提高了 3 倍 

• 輕鬆除牙齒污垢:深入牙縫、刷牙和使用牙線無法觸及的地方,去除牙縫間和牙齦線下的牙菌斑和殘留物 

• 口腔從此潔淨:有效去除口氣,讓口腔感覺非常清新乾淨


• 附贈 4 個水牙線噴嘴 

• 全機 IPX7 級防水機身,適合沐浴中使用

• 2 種水壓設定,從溫和到極度清潔 

• 使用時無需電線或插座 

• 4 小時 USB 快速充電

• 比傳統插頭型水牙線機小 30% 

• 360 度可旋轉噴嘴,全方位清潔口腔無死角 

• 輕巧便攜易於存放,非常適合旅行及小家居浴室中使用 

• 45 秒水容量  

• 全球電壓兼容   

• 一年國際保養,詳細請參閱使用說明書 
Water Flosser Features
  • Pressure Range: 45 to 75 PSI ( 3.103 to 5.171 Bar )
  • Flow Rate per Minute : 10 Ounces ( 296 ml )
  • Pulses per Minute : 1250
  • Number of Pressure Settings : 2
  • Included FlosserTips : 4
  • Water On/Off Switch on Handle : Push Button
  • Chrome Accents : No
  • Rotating Tip : 360 Degree
  • Travel Bag : No
  • Travel Plug : No
Advanced Functions
  • Timer/Pacer : No
  • Massage Mode : No
  • LED Function Indicator : Yes
  • Shower Safe : Yes
  • Quiet Design : Ultra Quiet
  • Voltage : Global Voltage; 100 - 240VAC, 60/50Hz
  • Limited Warranty : 12 Months


  • Rechargeable : Yes - Magnetic USB Charging System
  • Replaceable : No
  • Type : NiMH
  • LED Charging Indicator : Yes


  • Capacity : 7 Ounces ( 207 ml )
  • Capacity in Seconds : 45
  • Covered : Yes
  • Medicament Reservoir Included : No
  • Size and Weight
  • Height (with Tip/Brush) : 11.50 Inches ( 29.21 cm )
  • Max Width (Base) : 2.50 Inches ( 6.35 cm )
  • Max Depth (Base) : 3.50 Inches ( 8.89 cm )
  • Unit Weight : 0.74 Lbs ( 0.336 kg )
  • Shipping Weight : 1.28 Lbs ( 0.581 kg )

Frequently Asked Questions

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General instructions and a how to video are available:

Yes, our products come with 1-year limited warranty since the day you purchased it..

To learn how to clean your Water Flosser, see 

How to Clean a Waterpik® Water Flosser.

For Cordless Advanced and Cordless Select models:
To maximize the capacity and life of the rechargeable batteries, give the unit a full charge (4 hours) prior to the first use. The unit should be charged 3-4 hours when the indicator light indicates that the unit needs to be charged.

Fully charge the unit before extended periods of no use. We recommend fully charging every month when the unit is in storage.

For ION models:
Plug the power supply into the wall outlet and connect the magnetic plug to the unit for approximately 4.5-5 hours. When the batteries are in need of charging the charge indicator light will blink 3 times quickly. A complete recharge will take 4.5-5 hours.

Our cordless models are shower safe. The Ion unit is not completely waterproof and cannot be used in the shower.

The most common reason for little or no water flow is a clogged jet tip. You can troubleshoot this condition by removing the jet tip and observing if water bubbles up from the top when the device is powered on.

To remove the tip, press the Tip Eject button (refer to your owner's manual if needed).
To clean the tip, soak it in a container of hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar for 5-7 minutes. Rinse the tip under warm water.

For first time use, prime the unit:

  • If your unit has a black rubber valve in the water reservoir, ensure that the black valve is installed with the dome side facing up and the four-pronged side facing down to connect with the base of the unit.
  • Fill reservoir at least half-full of water. Ensure the reservoir is firmly seated onto the base of the unit. Press down firmly to engage the reservoir to the base of the unit.
  • Confirm the unit is plugged into an active electrical outlet.
  • Set the Water Flosser to the highest pressure setting, and if the handle has an on/off slide switch, make sure it is in the ON position. Then point the handle downward towards the sink and turn the unit on; this generally starts the flow of water within 30 seconds.
  • If this process fails to start the flow of water, insert a jet tip and gently draw on the tip as you would a drinking straw.

Drop in pressure or flow:

  • It is recommended that when applicable, you replace tips every 3-6 months. (Consult the instruction manual for specific replacement information for each tip.)
  • Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to a full reservoir of warm water.
    • If your tip is removable, remove the tip, set pressure control dial to high, place the handle in the sink.
    • With the unit in the OFF position, allow gravity to drain the vinegar solution through the Water Flosser.
    • Rinse by repeating with a full reservoir of clean warm water.

Water Flosser products are not intended to store liquid between uses - ensure your product is emptied after each use.

If your unit has a black rubber valve plugging the bottom of the reservoir tank:

  • Remove the black rubber valve from the water tank by pushing it out from the bottom.
  • Run the valve under warm water and massage with your fingers.
  • Return the black valve to the tank. Ensure the dome side is facing up and the four-prong side is showing on the bottom.
  • If the valve continues to leak, you may need to replace it. 

Mouthwash or other recommended antibacterial solutions can be used in our Water Flossers. We recommend using no more than a 1:1 ratio of solution to water. After using additives, run at least one-half reservoir of plain water through the unit to flush the water pathway. Do not use mouthwashes or additives that contain iodine, peroxide, baking soda, or water-insoluble concentrated oils (such as Tea Tree Oil). Use of these items can reduce the product performance and will shorten the life of the unit. Do not use a salt/saline solution in any handheld cordless unit. If additives are being used, it is highly recommended that the cleaning procedure is done at least once a month.